89: Plugs Galore with Mike Fox

Mike Fox joins the guys to talk about his experience in Iraq, and they do their best to keep the show afloat by plugging everything a million times. It was a rough one, but lots of plugs. Don’t forget to write in your choices for favorite podcast moments to us!

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88: Summer Series I with Mike Bonn

The Phantoms are on the brink of elimination (but wind up winning after the show is over) and some NHL news before things weird. Summer Series is officially here. Mike Bonn from Scuttle Puck calls in to bring the show back to talk about hockey, history, and passive abilities as a Canadian. The guys also plug the new Broad Street Bully Podcast store and encourage you to get some t-shirts and koozies.

Check out Mike Bonn and his great hockey podcast at ScuttlePuck.com

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84: Swapcast with 4th and Go

The guys joined the fellas over at 4th and Go in the Wildfire Radio studios for their show and a special edition “Swapcast” of The Broad Street Bully Podcast. The guys talk the Flyers’ semi-resurgence, their chances at making the playoffs, and Mike from 4th and Go reads a heartfelt Flyers eulogy. The guys also talk some Sixers, March Madness, Eagles, and more in this special episode.

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