About the Creators

The Broad Street Bully Podcast combines Flyers talk, ball-busting, and beer for a weekly uncensored podcast that feels like you’re just hanging out with your friends and watching the game.  Every Thursday comedian Drew Pabhsky hosts the show alongside resident statistician Jeff DeAngelis and (diabetic) Doyle to share their opinions on the team, anecdotes from their lives, and a plethora of debauchery.  With a revolving door of comedians coming in as guests and their passion for the orange and black, this is a podcast that is unlike your typical terrestrial sports radio show and one you don’t want to miss.  Especially if you enjoy drinking beers and honoring the legacies of players that built our favorite franchise (we’re looking at you, Mr. Dan McGillis and Mr. Trent Klatt).


Back in 2009, Drew launched his own blog for his favorite hockey team.  From 2009-2012, Drew (and eventually Jeff) ran The Broad Street Bully Blog; covering the craziness of trade deadlines and free agency in the Paul Holmgren era, the excitement and heartbreak of the 2010 Cup run, and the multiple identity changes the team went through.  Jeff and Drew have fond memories of sitting through double-digits worth of Flyers games during the worst season in franchise history (06-07).  You know how hard it is to watch the Flyers lose to the Islanders that many times in one season while every player is getting suspended?  We got free tickets from Jeff’s Dad so we couldn’t say no.

Since then, the Flyers are under a new direction and Drew and Jeff  decided to take their talents to the world of podcasting to share their analysis, dick jokes, and obscure Flyers references with Flyers fans everywhere.  Doyle would eventually join the crew a few short months later.

Drew Pabhsky:










Drew Pabhsky remembers the first time he wanted to punch someone.  It was the time he stood in horror in front of his 27 inch Panasonic TV as Darius Kasparaitis laughed on the bench while his childhood hero was helped up from the ice, not knowing where he was or the hockey prowess he possessed.  Since then, he has worked on different projects ranging from founding The Broad Street Bully Blog, writing for other Philly sports websites, and hosting the now-defunct Frickin’ Deuce Podcast (he just wanted to write defunct).  Drew is also a stand-up comedian and a member of the South Jersey-based comedy group Starving Naked Comedy.  He has had a man-crush on Claude Giroux and his developing ginger flow since it wore the number 56 and will never forget the love he holds for Simon Gagne in his heart.  Follow Drew on Twitter @DrewPabhsky.

Jeff DeAngelis:


Jeff DeAngelis was told he watched his first Flyers game two days after he was born.  As the story goes, his Dad was almost kicked out of the hospital for waking up a room full of newborn babies.  The Flyers eventually lost that game, which explains why he’s been so used to the almost constant disappointment.  The Flyers have been one of the biggest sources of joy and sadness in his life and it’s probably one of the reasons why Jeff and Drew get along so well.  Since the end of the original Broad Street Bully, Jeff has kept busy by taking on various freelance projects.  Now, with the return of The Broad Street Bully, and the creation of the podcast, he once again has an outlet to start writing articles focused on the Flyers, the NHL, and anything in between.  In summation, Jeff plans to give it his all.  He wants to be the Patrick Thoresen of this team.



He has diabetes.