NHL Puts Young Hockey Players’ Dreams on Hold

With the NHL officially out of 2018 Winter Olympics, the young NHL players who were eager to represent their country for the first time now have no choice but to enjoy the additional time off they’ve just been afforded. The NHL also clarified that this includes any players on AHL contracts. The NHL didn’t pull out of these Olympics without carefully weighing their options, though. In a survey conducted throughout Canada and the United States, fifty three percent of Canadians and seventy three percent of Americans said they were not in favor of the almost three week Olympic break. Now, instead of watching your favorite team trudge towards a playoff spot, you’ll either watch Olympic hockey or have a complete lack of NHL hockey in the middle of February.

And just recently, possibly in spite of NHL pulling out the 2018 Winter Olympics and upsetting their own players, the International Olympic Committee, and the millions of fans, NBC has announced that during the Olympics, none of their affiliates will be airing NHL games. There will be a complete blackout of all of NHL games from February 7 to February 26. While this should help boost the ratings for the Olympic hockey games, it’s certainly going to hurt the NHL’s ad revenue and exposure that could have been gained from seeing hockey highlighted on a world stage.

There’s also another unintended consequence from the NHL refusing to participate in this years Olympics, and that’s the effect that this will have on sports betting world wide. In previous Olympics, it was rather easy to bet which team you think would win based off of how much NHL talent was present on a given roster. Teams like the United States, Canada, and Sweden were perennial favorites because of the highlight reel of players that filled out all four of their lines. However, now it’s going to be quite a bit harder and require a bit more research into seeing which teams have the advantage to win gold.

The good news for Canadians is that any Canada sports betting should automatically have better odds to win because they are so heavily invested in their Junior leagues that they’ll know exactly how good their team is. While America has a pretty solid college hockey program, you’d be hard pressed to find people who can tell you a lot of how good or bad most of the players in these systems are unless they’re direct fans of that team. You can check all the best NHL betting websites, like BettingTop10 for our Canadian friends, to figure out where you can wager your money responsibly to take advantage of the Olympic break.

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