NHL 2017-2018 Season Predictions

Last year, my NHL Season predictions were so-so. I had the Tampa Bay Lightning beating the Nashville Predators in the Stanley Cup Finals. Out of an 82-game regular season, and 4 rounds of playoffs per team…I think getting one out of the two teams in the finals (this is the NHL, not the NBA you clowns) is pretty decent.

Now, I wouldn’t throw down your paycheck on these future’s… but it will be a good way for me to see the ups and downs in overall league wide expectations I have for this season.

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division:

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs

  2. Boston Bruins

  3. Montreal Canadians

  4. Ottawa Senators

  5. Tampa Bay Lightning

  6. Buffalo Sabers

  7. Detroit Red Wings

  8. Florida Panthers

Babcock and the kids are back to improve upon their impressive performance last year, rebounding from last place the year before to a playoff team. The Bruins have improved in most areas other than goaltending. If Rask can stay healthy and consistent, I expect them high up. Canadians, Senators are kind of a toss-up for me. Sabers, Lightning, and Red Wings are all also interchangeable at the moment, even though I want to say the Lightning could be the one of those three to surprise everyone and get back atop this division. Florida is on a downhill slope that they don’t even know they are in. Sucks to suck.

Metropolitan Division:

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins

  2. Washington Capitals

  3. Carolina Hurricane

  4. Philadelphia Flyers

  5. New York Rangers

  6. Columbus Blue Jackets

  7. New York Islanders

Hate… HATE putting the Pens back on top, and especially with some of the pieces they have lost. Not much to say about Washington other then it is clearly (and will forever remain) their year. The one team that could change the landscape here are the Rangers mainly because regardless of everyone saying they are getting older and not going anywhere, something tells me they won’t at least be in a position to compete. Looking for Tortorella to finally piss his players off enough that they stop working hard for him, and there is no way Bobrovsky has a repeat performance from last season. Islanders are a mess – good riddance John Taveres chance at winning a cup.

Western Conference

Central Division:

  1. Nashville Predators

  2. St. Louis Blues

  3. Chicago Blackhawks

  4. Winnipeg Jets

  5. Dallas Stars

  6. Minnesota Wild

  7. Colorado Avalanche

Putting the snooze alert on this division. I think Chicago screwed themselves the past two off-season’s, and with the unfortunate loss of Marian Hossa, they are going to turn into one of these ‘consistent but can’t close’ teams (about time if you ask me). Winnipeg is probably the most exciting for me. If they’re special teams and goaltending can be consistent, they may have a legitimate shot into not only making a post season appearance, but also performing further. Colorado will remain at the bottom of the ranks as one of the most lost franchises in the league.

Pacific Division:

  1. Edmonton Oilers

  2. Anaheim Ducks

  3. San Jose Sharks

  4. Calgary Flames

  5. Los Angeles Kings

  6. Las Vegas Golden Knights

  7. Arizona Coyotes

  8. Vancouver Canucks

Edmonton is definitely going to contend pending Connor McDavid’s health throughout the season. I don’t agree with their financial strategies with player contracts, and it may ultimately come back and cost them a cup in the McDavid era… but they are going to be a dominant force this year. The rest, as Doc Emrick would say, is all academic here. Outside of the Flames possibly reaching for a higher position (I have a bias in this because the Flames are one of my favorite hockey teams outside of Philadelphia), there is really nothing else to look at. Oh wait, just kidding, THE LAS VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS! They kind of impressed me in preseason, but then again – the Avalanche went undefeated in the preseason last year and look at how they turned out. Regardless, I still think they do better than the nerds in Arizona and the AHL equivalent squad in Vancouver (besides the Sedin’s that is).

Eastern Conference Champs: Patrick Marleau came to Toronto to help the kids through the playoffs. Keep their heads on straight you know? Austin Matthews wants to show the world that he can play with the best of them (but mainly just play with Connor McDavid). I think Bab’s has whipped this squad into shape in a record amount of time to make them Stanley Cup contenders, and they will indeed contend this season.

Western Conference Champs: Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers will have a shot to finally say that ‘the process worked’. As I said previously, I am not a big fan of the way the Oilers have set themselves up to compete – because it is a very short term plan. With that said, I can’t really speak on ‘long term plans’ since the Flyers haven’t seen a cup since 1975…so what do I know. Go for it, Edmonton.

*Side Note: The Penguins have to be knocked out in a round earlier then the Final. If they are able to make it back to the dance, they will win it for the third year straight. So please eastern conference…please help me out here. KNOCK THEM THE FUCK OUT ALREADY. Am I right Jeff Kelley?*

Stanley Cup 2017-2018 Champs: Connor McDavid. Just Connor McDavid.

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