Rookie Cookies: Defenseman and Goalies



James de Haas

He scored the first goal of the night from the point on a shot that got lost in traffic and leaked through. From there, didn’t notice anything special, but I don’t expect flash from every defensemen. Getting the offense going for the group gives this future Phantom a sugar high – COOKIE.


Mark Freidman

Friedman was by far one of the fastest defenseman on the ice for the Flyers Wednesday night. He maintained his composure with most eyes turning to top prospects Sam Morin and Travis Sanheim, and even scored a goal on a slapper from the point to put the Flyers up 3-1. We’ll see what he can provide in Lehigh Valley this season. COOKIE.


Frank Hora

Who? Not only did I not really notice this guy on the ice on Wednesday, I actually had to look up how he came into our organization during the game. He signed with the Phantoms in July after 4 years in juniors. He aims to be a stay at home defenseman, but with his quiet approach – more needs to be seen here. NO COOKIE.


Sam Morin

HUGE. I saw Morin play a couple times last season in Lehigh Valley, and to this day his size still makes me gasp in wonder and joy. He had a great game, pushing forwards off the puck, not allowing anyone to cut to the middle, and having fantastic control of the boards in our own zone. Not to mention he basically rag-dolled a guy to the ice who was trying to get frisky. Sam is a lock for the Flyers lineup this year, and I can’t wait to see his transition. COOKIE.


Phil Myers

Phil was taken off the ice for a lower body injury but it was mainly precautionary. Latest reports say he’s good to go. Even though he didn’t get much time out there on Wednesday, hopes are he’s going to have a successful year with the Phantoms this season and continue his growth as one of the best undrafted prospects in years. COOKIE.


Travis Sanheim

Ah boy. Do I have to write about this guy? I’m so hot and cold. I want to believe the beats, who are calling Sanheim the best offensive defensemen prospect since Shayne Gostisbehere. And he may very well be that – but I have yet to see it. I saw him last season in Lehigh Valley during one of their playoff games, and he looked horrible. Unable to hold the blue line, poor passing ability and on-ice vision, and indecisive shooting were all flaws I saw last season with the Phantoms. I saw the same flaws and more on Wednesday. Not only were all of the above inconsistences visible, but he also added proper zone coverage to the list of errors – essentially being responsible for 2 of the 4 goals given to the Islanders.

This one calls for two paragraphs. I want Sanheim to be good – but he is nowhere near NHL ready from what I have seen. He will not be getting a roster spot to start the season, and if it were up to me, I wouldn’t even add him to a potential call-up list unless he blows the AHL away to start the season. I’m sorry this is the news I have to bring to you Flyers fans. Many people have and will continue to disagree with me on this prospect, but he’s getting no sugar from me. I hope, one day, that will change. NO COOKIE.


Reece Willcox

Not sure if he played, but if he did – he was a ghost. And not a ghost like The Ghost, Shayne Gostisbehere, but just non-existent on the ice. NO COOKIE.




Carter Hart

My pride and joy. I don’t really know how else to say this but… Carter Hart is THE guy of the future for this club. I could be a little bias with this because I have really only made it a point to watch his games whenever possible rather than other goalie prospects like Sandstrom. But it doesn’t matter. I would put this kid in between the pipe for the orange and black tomorrow if I could. He’ll likely end up back in juniors for one final season before making the big leap, he’ll get more experience and training in, and he will receive a whole sleeve of Thin Mints from me when he makes the organization next season. COOKIE.


Alex Lyon

I feel bad for Alex Lyon. Mainly because this list goes in alphabetical order per position and I just drooled all over Carter Hart in the above paragraph. Alex never even got a chance really. I’ve seen the guy play in Lehigh Valley, as well as in the Rookie Game last Wednesday. He’s not bad, but from his history – he’s inconsistent. He will absolutely be the 1A in Lehigh this season so maybe some more playing time up there can get him on point. And who knows, if the inevitable Michael Nuevirth injury happens sooner rather than later, we could just see him in a Flyers sweater this season. I want the kid to do well, I do. And since he’s at a disadvantage with the position, I’ll give him the goods. COOKIE.


And there we have it. Our first annual Rookie Cookies. I may give this segment a go again this season at some point with a look at the rookies that actually make the squad – maybe a Big Kahuna Cookie segment. But regardless, it’s nice to be back in the swing of things. Hockey is here and I couldn’t be more excited. Go Flyers.

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