100th Episode & Philly Podfest 2017

Big things are happening at The Broad Street Bully Podcast and we hope you can be a part of it.  Tomorrow, part one of our 100th Episode Clip Show Spectacular/Extravaganza will be released featuring commentary and clips from some of our most memorable podcast moments chosen by our listeners and by us.  Part two will be released next Thursday on our normal release schedule.


This Saturday July 22nd we will be coming back to the Philly Podcast Festival at Tattooed Mom for a 1 PM live podcast featuring the comedy stylings of Jesse Draham and the careful suspiciousness of Joe “The Rat” Walker.  It’s free admission, we’re doing some contests and giveaways, and we will be getting into some hikinks in the city afterwards.  Don’t miss it.


Thanks to all of our listeners that have supported us this far and we hope you enjoy what we’re putting together for both our 100th Episode shows and our live show at the podfest this weekend.

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