Bored at a Flyers Game? No Chants!

We have all been there. Practically up against the wall of the 200 level in the Wells Fargo Center. This is where real Flyers fans live. Many things have been said up in those rafters and many of those things have been passed down through generations. Some of them stupid and some of them traditionally amazing. So, here is my list of proper, and not so proper, chants for game day at The Farg.


This phrase is one of the first to be shouted in unison with the rest of the fans in the stadium. It comes with the announcement of each team’s starting lineups for the upcoming match. As each of the six players from the opponent’s squad are mentioned, it is appropriate to yell a quick ‘SUCKS’ after each name is called. Sure, some politically correct people, or possible family members of the away team, may find this to be disrespectful. But, by all means, take part in this chant.


Lauren Hart is, in fact, the number one ranked national anthem singer in America. If anyone tries to dispute this, they are fake news. Not only is she the daughter of long time broadcaster for the Flyers, Gene Hart, but she is a catch! She is a natural beauty, with a ‘Hart’ bigger than anyone involved with the organization. It is tradition, along with her bringing pride to our nation before each game, to express your love for Lauren just before her performance. Yell a Hart-felt “I LOVE YOU LAUREN!” before the national anthem. You won’t be alone. And who knows? She may just give you a ‘Lauren Hart Wave of the Week’.


I may get some flak for this one. I personally only find the USA chant appropriate depending on the situation. A time of national pride must be in fashion. Now, I know what many of you may be thinking. The pride for our nation should always be in fashion, you ass. Sure, but here are some examples of truly appropriate situations for this chant.

  •      Times of war or overall togetherness as a nation
  •      National competitions (Olympics, World Cup, World Juniors, etc.)
  •      At special event games where the host team is from the USA (i.e. Stadium Series, Winter Classic)
  •      When the Flyers are losing by 5 or more goals with 2:50 left in the 3rd period because,  sure, at least we have country.

Other than these particular situations, I personally don’t find the ‘USA’ chant to be anything more than a drunken attempt at starting a chant because you couldn’t think of anything else to say. And maybe that’s why it is typically shouted at practically every game in Philadelphia. And for people who are fans of this chant being used regularly at hockey games; you do realize that less than 10% of the athletes participating on any given night are actually from the U.S., right? This chant will be left as an individual preference for participation.


Unless you’re trying to be funny and yell this when it’s clearly an inappropriate time to shoot (for instance, when the Flyers are holding the puck in their own zone for a line change), it is outrageous to ever participate in this chant. It seems to be common practice that whenever the Flyers are on the Power-Play and in the offensive zone, some – if not all, of the people in the stands are yelling at the players on the ice to shoot. Listen here, folks. These are professional athletes who have been playing hockey their entire lives and get paid millions of dollars to do so. They will shoot the puck when they are goddamn well and ready to do so.


There were times when I was younger and dumber when I thought this chant was appropriate. As a Flyers fan, I still smirk whenever I hear it. But participating in the ‘Asshole’ chant (normally aimed at the officiating crew) is an individual choice you must make according to your surroundings. If you have a solid section of drunk, mentally ‘developed’ people all getting in on this cursing affair then, by all means, have at it. However, there is usually a child in every row with parents who (hopefully) work hard every day to teach that kid some morals and rules in regards to public decency. With that said, of course this is hockey, and we as Flyers fans hold pride in our hooliganism. But, out of respect for the kids, go with the more appropriate chant aimed at the referees below.


Ah, now this one I believe everyone in the family can get behind. It’s not as vulgar as the ‘asshole’ chant, yet still allows the fan-base to express the distaste in the previous call on the ice. Plus, have you ever watched a Flyers game on TV and heard this chant when the entire stadium backs it up? It’s one of the best chants in my book. It’s even better knowing that, as a Flyers fans, the refs are clearly always out the get us. Back this chant 100%. Let the refs know that even if it was a good call, this is our house, and we will still try to single you out and embarrass you regardless.


If anyone in the stands gets annoyed, defensive, or gives you strange looks while participating in this chant – they are not real Flyers fans. Sure, they may root for the team daily, but they just don’t get the culture and mindset it takes to be a real fan. The ‘Trade Em’ chant is one of my personal favorites. It is a sarcastic comment made when one of our top players (Giroux, Simmonds, Gostisbehere, Konecny, etc.) makes one bad play or can’t finish a good play that they were a part of. In a quick, muddled shout; ‘Trade Em’ can really show the people in your section who you are (a real Flyers fan) and also expose some of the frauds that turn their heads in disgust with comments such as “Simmonds has the most goals on the team, why the hell would we trade him?”. I love those fans because, from that point forward, I know exactly how to grind their gears. “Oh I would absolutely resign Chris Vandevelde if we can get him for the right price. I’m thinking somewhere in the ballpark of 4-5 million a year.” *fan two rows down gets red in the face* Take on the ‘Trade Em’ chant wherever you see fit.  


Yes, I am denying the Ric Flair, Travis Konecny sparked ‘Woo’s’ that have come about in the 2016-2017 season. They are kind of funny, but only funny like “a group of high school kids yelling ‘PENIS’ while in line for Crab Fries” kind of funny. They have just become an obnoxious expression for fans to shout when the team is doing poorly or when Travis does something awesome. I’m not on board with the ‘Woo’s’, except for on Flyers’ Twitter. But there are no rules on Flyers’ Twitter.


This is the go to. It’s a classic, family friendly, and, at times, momentum-building chant. ‘Let’s Go Flyers’ is a staple for any home game. My personal favorite time to use it is right at the start of the Peco Power Play. Usually the whole building gets involved which can sometimes add just the right amount of spark or push into the lines on the ice. Some advice when using this chant: if you’re going to start it, don’t be a wimp and back down from trying to get others involved. Always go at least 2 rounds with it before giving up. Use this chant whenever you think the team needs a little, or a large, boost. (Maybe that’s why it is used so often).

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